Ageing & Technology Conference, Jan 2024

Welcome to the information page for our upcoming conference titled “Age-Friendly Digital Society: Overcoming Challenges in Technology Adoption among Older Adults” in January 2024.

Please find below the information for our long-awaited opportunity for a get-together and synergize among stakeholders from around the world to overcome challenges in technology adoption among older adults.

Our conference has officially ended. Thanks everyone for your active participation!

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Details of our conference:

DAY 1 (5th Jan 2024)
Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Venue: YIA, LT2, The Chinese University of Hong Kong // Zoom

DAY 2 (6th Jan 2024)
Time: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Venue: YIA, LT2, The Chinese University of Hong Kong // Zoom

Language: English
Fee: Free of charge


Introduction of our conference:

The aging population in Hong Kong is posing new challenges for the adoption of information and communication technology (ICT). In 2014, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched the Enriched ICT Outreach Programme to provide free digital training courses to older adults, and the Hong Kong government also launched a $1 billion Innovation and Technology Fund in 2018 to increase the availability of innovative technology in residential homes for older adults. Despite these efforts, the acceptance and use of technology among older adults in Hong Kong remains low. A recent survey showed that older adults encountered more difficulties and frustration in using the internet and social networking sites for health information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This conference brings together professionals and experts in technology and aging to find solutions and improve the adoption of technology by older adults. In particular, this conference invites experts from multiple cultures and disciplines, including gerontechnology, healthcare, engineering, psychology and sociology, to share cutting-edge theories and practices across various cultures, and identify opportunities for research collaboration and practical innovations. The conference aims to address the challenges associated with an aging population, promote inclusive adoption of technology, and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Our invited speakers:


Prof. Shyh-Nan Liou


Dr. Liou is the Vice President of Research and Development at Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), and also Professor of Institute of Creative Industries Design of National Cheng Kung University. He is also the fellow of Technology Management Association and editor of that Journal. Prof. Liou’s research areas are mainly on design thinking in social innovation, dynamic of mutual influences between culture and creativity, team and organization innovation in both R&D institutes and creative industries, and transdisciplinary collaboration in integrative research. He has published hundreds of papers and six books. Prof. Liou has long-term cooperation with Germany, USA and Hong Kong in senior society and technology design, and has established the Center of Positive Social Science (CPOSS) with CUHK to promote the integration of technology, society and happiness.


Prof. David Ekerdt


Prof. David J. Ekerdt, Professor of Sociology and Gerontology at the University of Kansas, is an accomplished researcher with expertise in work and retirement, possessions management during relocation, and cross-cultural comparisons of aging. He has published extensively, including the book “Downsizing: Confronting Our Possessions in Later Life” (2020). He has held key editorial positions and served as President of the Gerontological Society of America.


Prof. Klaus Rothermund


Prof. Klaus Rothermund is a highly accomplished researcher in the field of psychology. He is affiliated with Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany, specializing in aging research, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and action control. His notable publications include “The Life-Course Dynamics of Goal Pursuit and Goal Adjustment (2002)”. His groundbreaking works has earned him wide recognition and numerous citations in the field.


Prof. Thomas M. Hess


Dr. Thomas M. Hess is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology at North Carolina State University and recipient of the Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association and the Distinguished Career Contribution to Gerontology Award from the Gerontological Society of America. His research focuses broadly on understanding cognitive change in later life, with a specific emphasis on contextual factors associated with maintenance of functioning and promotion of independence in older adults. Of particular significance in his research is an innovative focus on the role of motivation, affect, aging stereotypes, and social experience as moderators of age differences in cognitive performance and everyday functioning.


Prof. Nancy A. Pachana


Professor Nancy Pachana is an esteemed clinical geropsychologist and neuropsychologist at The University of Queensland. Her influential works in geriatric mental health, including the development of the widely used Geriatric Anxiety Inventory, have earned her international recognition. With a focus on late-life anxiety disorders, she is a prominent figure in aging research, making significant contributions to the field.t5t32


Dr. Jennifer Lay


Dr. Jennifer Lay is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Psychology at the University of Exeter. Her research intersects health, social, and cultural psychology, focusing on solitude, interoception, and wellbeing. Some of her recent research examines accuracy of interoception and self-knowledge, and functions of solitude across the adult lifespan, using experience sampling methods and wearables.


Dr. Dwight Tse


Dr. Dwight Tse is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Strathclyde, specializing in lifespan developmental psychology and positive psychology. His research explores the impact of flow experiences, meaningfulness, and prosocial acts on psychological and physical well-being throughout different stages of life. His most recent research “Hot instantaneous temperature and affect : meaningful activities as a buffer for older adults with low socioeconomic status (2023)” has raise attentions in the field of Gerontology.


Prof. Alexandra M. Freund


Professor Alexandra M. Freund, a prominent psychologist from the University of Zurich, specializes in lifespan developmental and motivational psychology, with a focus on processes of life management, successful adult development and aging, and personal goals. Her research has contributed to our understanding of how goals change across adulthood and into old age, and how these changes affect behavior and well-being.


Prof. Helene Fung


Professor Helene H. Fung is a distinguished researcher of the Chinese University of Hong Kong specializing in developmental psychology, with a focus on social psychology, social science, and cognition. Through her interdisciplinary approach, she has advanced our understanding of socioemotional development, cultural variations, and emotion regulation. Her contributions, reflected in highly cited publications namely “Socioemotional Selectivity Theory and the Regulation of Emotion in the Second Half of Life (2003)”, have established her as an authority in the field.


Prof. Helen Meng


Professor Helen Meng is a highly regarded researcher at CUHK, specializing in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. Her areas of expertise include Multilingual Speech and Language Processing, Multibiometric Authentication, and Conversational AI. She has been honored with prestigious awards and has led pioneering research initiatives in these domains. Her recent research includes “Exemplar-Based Emotive Speech Synthesis (2021).” published in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing.


Prof. Jean Woo


Professor Jean Woo is an esteemed researcher in medicine, specializing in internal medicine, gerontology, and endocrinology. Her groundbreaking studies on worldwide trends in body-mass index and obesity have earned her international acclaim. She has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Medicine in China Leader Award and the Best Female Scientist Award, recognizing her significant contributions to the field.

*This conference is proudly co-organised with CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing and Stanley Ho Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre
The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

** This conference is part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Social Science as well as the United College Conference Sponsorship Grant Scheme 2023-2024.

We thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the conference!


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